The Book Monsieur Mackintosh

"Monsieur Mackintosh" is the only book available on Mackintosh's years in France. 
It is part biography, part art book and part tourist guide.

Monsieur MackintoshWith reproductions of 40 of Mackintosh's French paintings alongside photographs of the actual locations today, and images from the period 1923-1927, Monsieur Mackintosh is a comprehensive and pictorial account.  The book contains more than 250 images reproduced in full colour throughout.

The author, Robin Crichton, Scottish film-maker and President of the CRM Association in Roussillon, follows in Mackintosh’s footsteps, rediscovering as he did the culture and beauty of the region and how it inspired his painting. 

Crichton’s own love of Roussillon shines through and his elegiac prose sits in perfect harmony with Mackintosh’s splendid paintings. 

Written in close collaboration with experts from Glasgow University, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the Glasgow School of Art, and edited by Pamela Robertson, Professor of Mackintosh Studies at Glasgow University, "Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Rousillon" includes new research and is written with the French and English translations side-by-side.

In Roussillon, the book is available from local bookshops and from the Museum in Belesta.
Chateau-Musee, Belesta 66720 France.

The book can also be purchased online from: